How to Guide

How To Access The Subtitles in Bahasa, English, Thai, and Vietnamese

Our videos have subtitles available in four languages for your convenience. To access these subtitles, follow these instructions:

1. Go to the IPEN Video Channel and click the video you wish to view.

2. On the video that you want to watch, mouse over the lower right hand corner of the YouTube screen. Several buttons will pop up: CC, Settings, Mini Player, Default View, and Full Screen.


3. Click the Settings button to show the options.



4. Click the Subtitles/CC button to show the options. This is turned off by default. Choose your preferred language and click it.



5. Play the video. Your chosen subtitles should play underneath the video you wish to watch.



Video Tutorial for Youtube Subtitles




How To Access The Chinese Live Translation Channel

Our Zoom conference dates will have a live Chinese translation channel available for the convenience of our Chinese delegates. To access this, please follow the instructions below:

NOTE: If your Zoom app is already open, please log out completely and login again. This will help avoid any issues with the conference audio going forward.

1. Once your Zoom app is open, mouse over the bottom of your app screen. This will allow you to access the Zoom controls on your computer. In between the RECORD and the REACTIONS buttons, you will find a button that says LANGUAGES. Click it to access the options.


2. The options for the different language channels will appear. Choose the Chinese channel. You will also see an option called Mute Original Audio. Click this option if you want to listen to the live translation without any distractions.



3. You should be able to hear the live translation audio after following these steps. If not, please log out of the Zoom app/shut it down, log in again, and follow the same steps.


Video Tutorial for the Chinese Live Translation Channel