This session will explore the challenges and possibilities of citizen science in promoting community health.  It will also showcase collaborations with scientific organizations and government agencies that are working with civil society groups towards an increased awareness of health and pollution issues and policy changes within the SEA region and beyond.

Key Takeaways

  • One challenge citizen scientists face is how to strengthen the monitoring of health impacts of pollution on communities
  • Collaborations between civil society and the scientific community strengthen citizen science approaches as well as give credibility to citizen science research and results
  • Lived experience of citizens conducting citizen science efforts are instrumental in affecting policy changes for government regulators



Video lectures are linked to the topics.

Citizen Science from Exposure to Health: Challenges and Possibilities

Subtitles: Bahasa | Thai | Viet | English

Collaborating with Analytical Laboratories

Subtitles: Bahasa | Thai | Viet | English

Enhancing Policy Outcomes of Citizen Science Approaches

Subtitles: Bahasa | Thai | Viet | English


Dr. Nina Iszatt

Environmental Epidemiologist

Norwegian Institute of Public Health

Dr. Yenny Meliana

Director of Research Center for Chemistry

Indonesian Institute of Sciences


Engr. Ana Trinidad F. Rivera


Center for Cosmetics Regulation and Research

Philippine Food and Drug Administration


Yuyun Ismawati

Senior Advisor & Co-Founder

Nexus3 Foundation