Nina Iszatt is an environmental epidemiologist at the Norwegian Institute of Public Health where she researches early life environmental exposures such as persistent organic pollutants and the development of adverse child health outcomes. She leads the NON-PROTECTED project on perfluorinated toxicants, the gut microbiome, and immune response in children. She has a long-standing interest in participatory research methods and the strengths and limitations of community participation. From 1999-2004 she was based in the Philippines, working on agrarian reform and participatory development planning, and edited a book of case studies: “Beyond good governance: participatory democracy in the Philippines” (Estrella and Iszatt 2004). Nina obtained her Masters in Environmental Technology and a PhD in Environmental and Reproductive Epidemiology at Imperial College London in 2011.

Nina Iszatt

Environmental Epidemiologist

Norwegian Institute of Public Health