Rachel Pateman joined SEI in 2013, having completed her PhD in the Biology Department at the University of York. Since starting at SEI she has also worked on several citizen science projects, enthusing people about nature and engaging people in the scientific process. Projects have included the long-term, national OPAL project (www.OPALexplorenature.org) where her focus has been on working with communities surrounding former coal mines in South Yorkshire and developing a national brownfield citizen science survey; and the Moors for the Community Science Project, where she has developed methods and materials for volunteers to monitor how climate change is impacting the Peak District moorlands. She also researches the citizen science process, trying to understand what motivates people to begin participating in citizen science, why they continue or stop participating, and how projects can be designed to maximize data quality. She is also working on a project to try to understand what role citizen science can play in monitoring the Sustainable Development Goal targets.

Rachel Pateman


Stockholm Environment Institute